Top Performers Dax
Name    -   Symbol    -   Price
Pro Sieben Sat1 - PSMG - EUR 29.53
Adidas N - ADSG - EUR 179.95
Daimler AG N - DAIG - EUR 71.34
BMW - BMWG - EUR 87.70
Fresenius Medical - FMEG - EUR 85.66
Continental AG - CONG - EUR 224.60
Muenchner Rueck - MUVG - EUR 181.05
Fresenius SE - FREG - EUR 62.98
Thyssen Krupp AG - TKAG - EUR 23.30
Volkswagen VZ - VOWG - EUR 166.30

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Technical Reports
by Timothy Straiton
25th January,2018 - EUR/USD - Approaching long-term channel resistance at 1.2550 View
5th January,2018 - Light Crude Oil - overbought with longer term upside potential. View
10th December,2017 - Eur/Jpy - A break of 134.48 to target 140 View
2nd December,2017 - GBP/AUD - A break to the upside seems probable. View
26th November,2017 - Aud/Usd - Closing in on support at 0.7475 View
15th November,2017 - Gold /S&P500 Ratio - is a rally around the corner? View
15th November,2017 - Eur/Jpy - Has the current uptrend further potential? View
5th October,2017 - Euro/Us$ - is a head and shoulders forming? View
6th September,2017 - US/CAD - Extensive downside potential expected View
6th September,2017 - Gold / S&P500 Index Ratio to test 0.5528 View
24th July,2017 - EUR/USD - A break of 1.1734 will add fire to the bull run. View
17th July,2017 - AUD/USD - A break of resistance at 0.7835 to put focus on 0.8220 View
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