Working with me

Are you having difficulty finding a reliable concept for stock investments?
Do you want to become a successful trader and investor?
Could you use someone who posesses the practical experience in trading and investing and is able to teach and mentor you to make better investment decisions?
I’m here to help. My name is Timothy Straiton. My experience in trading and investing goes back to the earlier 70's when I started my career in foreign exchange and commodity trading. I have held numerous managerial positions in the Swiss banking industry until 1995 when I founded an asset management company in Switzerland. I have been an official trainer for Thomson Reuters Metastock technical analysis software since 2001.
Trading is in my blood, however I appreciate that what comes easy for me does not necessarily apply to everyone. Trading successfully in the financial markets has never been easy and requires profound knowledge, experience and above all the correct psychological approach. It is often the case that fear of "pulling the trigger" hinders concluding a what might have been successful trade. When this happens, all the knowledge obtained about the workings of the financial markets will not generate satisfactory returns.
My client base consists of people who are motivated and committed to investing. Their goal is moulding their investing decisions with structure and process. If you’re ready to dedicate time and effort to achieve positive results in the investment process, I can help you get there!   Read on....