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Chart Patterns

Flag or Pennant

Pattern Description:

A flag or pennant is a continuation pattern which portrays a period of consolidation in the market before resumption of the original trend. They can be observed in both rising and falling markets. A rise in volume should be observed at the breakout point. If this is not the case then the move is likely to falter.
Flag or Pennant

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Five Guiding Principles of Trading Psychology

by Brett N. Steenbarger, Ph.D.
When I recently participated in an online chat presentation for John Forman, I assembled my ideas into ten basic principles that have guided my thinking about the psychology of traders and the psychology of markets. In the very near future, if my testing continues to be promising, I hope to present a market indicator for swing traders that rests firmly upon these principles. Stay tuned! In the interim, here are the five principles that pertain specifically to trading psychology. Next up will be...

Technical Review

Platinum - a correction was overdue

2024-05-03 by Tim Straiton

The current price of platinum is $966 and trading above both its 50 and 200 day moving average. A golden cross formation took place at the end of April 2024. The daily MACD is in positive territory and trending upwards. The 14 day relative strength index is currently at 60% and not yet in overbought territory.

The gold to platinum ratio is currently trading at the 2.37 level after having made an all-time high in mid April at 2.56 - another example of absolute market aberration at a time when demand is estimated to outweigh supply for the coming 5 years according to the World Platinum Investment Council.

The last 12 month's price activity was characterized by wild swings in a trendless to bearish tendency where buying the dips and selling the rallies proved most profitable. It remains to be seen if platinum can re-instate itself as the most precious of precious metals. Buying the dips seems to be the wisest strategy at the current time.


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