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Timothy Straiton, born in London 7th July 1944 is a British/Swiss investor domiciled in Zurich, Switzerland. During the 1970's Straiton worked for Bank Leu in Zürich as a precious metal trader. At that time, the gold market was extremely volatile after President Nixon had dissolved the gold standard of US$ 35 per ounce of gold. Straiton's oustanding talent as a market maker was soon recognized in trader circles and in 1978 until 1981 was engaged by the American Express Bank Zürich as chief precious metal trader. Since then he has held various leading positions in the financial industry. He was a board member and active lecturer with the Swiss Association of Market Technicians from 1988 until 2015. In 1995, he founded an asset management company in Zurich and became official distributor and coach for Metastock Chart analysis software for Switzerland , Austria and Liechtenstein . He specializes in trading system and strategy development for Hedge Funds, Asset Managers and Private Investors.