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Pattern Description:

The rectangle pattern consists of two horizontal trend lines containing market activity. As long as prices remain within the pattern, volume tends to be erratic to low. A break out of the pattern which generally follows the direction of the prevailing trend, is accompanied by a rise in volume.

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The Pin Bar Candlestick Pattern

by Tim Straiton
Pin bars belong to the most high probability reversal candlestick patterns which exist.  Both bullish and bearish pin bars have a long wick and a very short body. A bullish pin bar should have opening and closing levels as close to the wick high as possible. Whether a close higher than the opening is ideal but of secondary importance. Look for the appearance of a bullish pin bar after a prolonged market decline. A pattern confirmation requires the following close to be higher than...

Technical Review

UBS - Resistance at CHF 22.25

2023-08-26 by Tim Straiton

The Swiss bank UBS is currently priced at 21.63 and trading well above its rising 40 week moving average of 18.60. News that the bank had dissolved the Loss Protection Agreement of 9 Billion Swiss francs with the Swiss government sparked off a sharp rise in the share price.

The technical picture remains bullish and focus remains on resistance at 22.25 which is the highest weekly close made since the 31st of July 2015.

A weekly close above this level would expose the following Fibonacci upside projection targets based on the entire 8.05 to 22.25 range traded since July 2015.

  • Fibo 23.60% - CHF 25.60
  • Fibo 38.20% - CHF 27.67
  • Fibo 50.00% - CHF 29.34
  • Fibo 61.80% - CHF 31.01


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