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2015-01-26 - EUR/USD - Could 1.12 mark the end of the bear trend? View
2015-01-07 - EUR/USD - The December 2005 low of 1.1715 as initial downside target. View
2015-01-07 - Gold /EURO - a break above 15 month highs to put focus on 1063 target. View
2014-11-27 - S&P 500 bull run to target the 2140 level View
2014-11-07 - Gold - Price projections since the break of support at 1180 View
2014-09-22 - A death cross for the Russell 2000 index. View
2014-09-19 - GBP/USD - Impressive rally but death cross warns of further downside potential. View
2014-09-15 - Gold /US - Lower highs and lower lows put focus on 1169. View
2014-09-15 - AUD/USD - Fibonacci target at .8917 attracts View
2014-09-15 - EURO/USD - A temporary base could be forming. View
2014-09-15 - Death cross for the DAX puts focus on the downside View
2014-08-11 - Sterling US poised to unwind current oversold state. View
2014-07-05 - GBP/USD - Bullish trend intact with immediate target 1.7330 View
2014-07-05 - S&P500 Index - Bullish trend intact - with immediate target 2030 View
2014-07-05 - Gold/Silver Ratio - will trendline support at 62.40 hold? View

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